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Insurance Express is amazing! They’re an insurance agency and they have opened up their website to allow us, the public, full access to their competition and all the insurance companies across the country to get a quote. How cool is that? Now I’ll really know if I’m getting the best price on my insurance.

Ashley T. Florida


I was struggling to make ends meet and I was looking to cut my expenses everywhere I could. A friend told me about Insurance Express so I visited the site. I started my quote and it was fast. Within minutes I had many quotes and saved over $600 on my insurance. This was a big help during a difficult time.

Steven M. California


My husband and I were looking to reduce our insurance costs. A neighbor recommended we try Insurance Express as an easy way to shop. It really just took a few minutes and I had all the quotes I needed to compare. It was that simple. Great savings.

Stephanie G. Ohio

7 Home Improvement Projects to Avoid

Many people see a pool as another thing they have to take care of or a dangerous area for their children instead of a luxury that they would love in their backyard...

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8 Ideas For Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

PTile can be expensive but with some strategic placing and design it doesn’t have to be. A great way to save money on tile is to mix it up, mix some expensive tiles with some cheaper tile as an accent...

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Homeowners Insurance 101

What is homeowners insurance you ask?

This is a personal property insurance that protects a homeowner in the event of damage to the home, damage to the owner’s belongings inside the home and in the event of an accident that may take place in the home or on the property.

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Homeowners Insurance & Hurricanes

Many homeowners don’t realize the need for flood insurance until they have water coming up their driveway and into their home. According to the National Flood Insurance Program one inch of floodwater in a home can cause about $7,800...

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7 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Add Value To Your Home

The real estate market has been a over the past few years and more people have decided to renovate their current home...

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5 Ways To Save On Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium

Today people are doing crazy things to save money and it doesn’t have to be that way, here are 5 easy things you can do to save money on your home insurance premium..

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